Maria Candida Gentile

Maria Candida Gentile

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Maria Candida Gentile is certainly the most appreciated Italian Nose for the creation of tailored-made personal and home fragrances, thanks to her extraordinary skill, that enable her to closely interpret and translate into fragrances characteristics and peculiarities of people and ambiences. Maria Candida Gentile’s clients - that have in the past few years commissioned from her their tailor-made perfumes, in Italy and around the world - are the proof of Maria Candida’s skill.

"Since I was a child I was always fascinated by perfumes. My first memory comes from the clair matin roses from my family garden: when the roses where blooming, I used to collect the petals and created my own rose water which I then bottled and offered. When I became a mother it became very clear that creating fragrances was the passion of my life, so I decided to learn the mastery of fragrance crafting in Grasse, very well known for having trained the best "noses" in the world. I was very lucky to be coached by Carol André who taught me the little secrets that only the "maitres parfumeurs" pass on to the others. These are small details that make the difference and make the fragrances magic: for me, a good fragrance is a fragrance that does good to the one that wears it. The only way to make it happen is to use natural essences, the ones that our body and soul understand and love instinctively, and to make it with our heart. Only what comes from the heart can touch the heart."

- Maria Candida Gentile, Maître Parfumeur

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